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Uitspraak: [‘dyrzamhεit] De eigenschap van systemen/methodieken om voor onbepaalde tijd divers en productief te blijven

Sustainable Search

At Boardtrust we believe in sustainability. We believe in sustainable entrepreneurship, sustainable relationships and sustainable executive search. Needless to say, the best proof that we have done a good job can be found among those who have being working together successfully for a long time. A sustainable match lays down a solid foundation for joint success and benefits everyone involved. After all, relaunching the hunt for another candidate shortly after recruiting the wrong one is both frustrating and, in terms of money and time, costly. Time and again, candidates and clients are reminded that the choice they made was the right one. Finally, we are only happy when other people are too.

Boardtrust explores

Boardtrust invests a lot of time and energy in people. If we are to recruit well, we need to get to know you well. This applies to candidates and clients alike. After all, we bring people together, rather than CVs. The better we can get to know the person behind the candidate and the person behind the client, the better we can make the right match. As such, our aim is to find out more. We want to know more about the organisation and more about the candidate. We aim not only to find out somebody’s ambitions, but also their back story. Not only what someone is proud of, but also what they may be afraid of. Ultimately, it means we can present someone not only as a candidate, but also as a human being.

Boardtrust connects

People don’t simply choose each other on one occasion. They subconsciously keep on choosing each other much more often. That is why although their essential qualities have to suit one another, they don’t find this out until they have really got to know each other. Moreover, matching clients and candidates according to competence is a condition rather than the goal. Boardtrust can help you to look beyond job requirements so you can make the final choice using your head as well as your heart. This means we can truly connect people to each other as people, which makes their bond stronger and therefore more sustainable.

Boardtrust accelerates

Away days
A corporate away day is an excellent way of speeding up the process of integrating a newly appointed member into a management team. Away days are held on five consecutive half days and aim to bond the individual team members in terms of content as well as strengthening the team as a whole. Team members gain insight into each other’s qualities and motivation triggers, which creates a clear picture of the team’s strengths and potential weaknesses. We round off our away days with a presentation to the shareholders and Supervisory Board members.

Flat fee
At Boardtrust, we treat every assignment as if it were our first, and we always put in the same dedication and effort. That’s why we apply a flat fee to both our sustainable executive search and onboarding services. Our fee is not income-dependent because neither is our commitment.


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